Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Laurie Belzer's approach:

"I enable clients to utilize the wisdom of their emotions to enhance satisfaction in their relationships and lives. Satisfying relationships and solid self-esteem are the foundations of psychological and emotional well-being, while disharmony, worries, and unhappiness signal that we need to experience new ways to effectively express feelings and enact aspirations in our lives. Thus, our feelings embody a wisdom that guides us to growth and health."

"Psychotherapy is potent tool for people to develop their strengths, resilience, and emotionally intelligent skills to enhance all aspects of personal, family, and professional lives. I strive to provide an inviting and nonjudgmental relationship to empower clients to find new ways to address concerns and connect with vitality. I practice clinical psychology as an art and a science and am dedicated to meeting client concerns with warmth, flexibility and intelligence."

Dr. Belzer has been happily providing general outpatient services to adults, couples, and groups in Chicago for over 20 years. For much of her career she has been training and mentoring future psychology professionals in university settings. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LCP) in the state of Illinois and obtained a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1993.  Her therapeutic style synthesizes many years of experience with emotion-focused (EFT), interpersonal, and dynamic therapies and Eastern-based techniques including Buddhist meditation and mindfulness.  Dr. Belzer employs Emotionally-Focused and Gottman approaches to couple/relationship therapy.   She is a lifelong learner and lately is fascinated by research findings in affective neuroscience, a field exploring the complexity and adaptive value of emotion and relationships in mammals, including us humans!

Her wide-ranging professional experiences at Ravenswood Hospital Community Mental Health Center, Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the UIC Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry and the UIC Student Counseling Center have contributed to her deep familiarity with the psychological challenges and life experience difficulties encountered by women, men and couples of diverse socio-cultural  backgrounds and across the lifespan. Her clinical interests include: couple/relationship concerns, depression, trauma related to abuse, dysfunctional family experiences, grief and loss, GLBQ concerns, chronic illness, cultural adjustment and life transitions. She feels that we benefit greatly from accessing the wisdom of our emotional experience - knowing our needs and feelings empowers us to make satisfying choices in personal and professional lives. 

Dr. Belzer enjoys working with medical and mental health professionals to address their unique mental health concerns in the context of demanding careers. Her multicultural interests include assisting professionals born outside of the United States to cope with complex personal and career challenges.

In addition to providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples in committed relationships, Dr. Belzer is available to provide clinical supervision and case consultation to mental health professionals.  Dr. Belzer maintains office hours at the 180 North Michigan Avenue and 655 West Irving Park Road - the Downtown and Northside LPA locations.

Away from the office, Dr. Belzer is a Soto Zen Buddhist practitioner with residential training at San Francsico Zen Center. She enjoys cooking, yoga, swimming, meditation, world culture, and relaxing with family and friends.