Individual and Couples Psychotherapy

Most of us encounter challenges in coping with feelings and important relationships at some point in our lifetimes. Psychologists have noted that emotions and our connections to our loved ones guide our decisions and the course of our lives. So, when you sense something is wrong, this is a good sign - it means that the wisdom of your body and mind is pointing to something in your life experience that needs attention.  

Psychotherapy is a proven way to find out what your signals of difficulty mean and assists you in finding ways to adaptively expand your coping abilities, which ultimately contributes to living and loving with vitality and fulfillment. Here are some common concerns that psychotherapy can ameliorate -



Couples and Relationship Disharmony

Grief and Relationship Loss

Life Transitions

Dysfunctional Family Experiences


Cultural Adjustment/Multicultural Concerns

GLBT and Gender Issues

Chronic Medical Illness


Workplace and Career Demands

Professional and Personal Balance

At Lakeshore Psychotherapy Alliance, psychotherapy is our primary focus and shared professional passion.  Each of our psychotherapists have a unique style and training. All of us enthusiastically share a commitment to providing compassionate and intelligent therapy that is grounded in current empirical findings and practical professional experience.  Please see our personal statements for descriptions of our therapeutic approaches.

We especially appreciate collaboration with physicians and health care providers. As physical and mental health outcomes are often intertwined, we routinely coordinate care with psychiatrists and primary care physicians. Further, we specialize in providing care for medical and healthcare professionals: our services confidentially address the personal mental health needs of physicians and other health care providers.